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Terrain Based Learning

Taking The Fear Out Of Sliding.

Learn To Ski & Snowboard in PA at Camelback Mountain, and take advantage of our Terrain Based Learning Program! The use of shaped-terrain improves your first sliding experience, so you can learn the basic skills on the snow with instructors before taking on the mountain. Our Learn To Ski & Snowboard program focuses on fun first and skill development second.

Terrain Based Learning Philosophy.

“The environment, and every step within it, is designed to enhance the potential for having fun."

Connecting Through Purpose.

Our Learn To Ski & Snowboard programs are fun because you are learning a new, exhilarating skill and sharing this experience with friends, family and other beginners. It’s important to keep three goals in mind during your Learn To Ski & Snowboard program:

  • Fun. Learning successfully and feeling sensations create an empowering experience - your attitude can make the difference.
  • Family. Skiing and snowboarding is a culture that feels awesome to be a part of.
  • Future. Connect to a long future of learning and improving your skills. Skiing and snowboarding are sports that become a lifelong mountain adventure.


Terrain Based Learning

Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Step 1: Get Ready To Learn Here, Learn Right.

Today, you’ll take a fun-filled journey with your instructor to get familiar with the balance and basic movements of skiing and snowboarding. You will learn about:

  • Your Equipment
  • Balance & Stance
  • Tilt & Pivot
  • Twist & Pressure
  • Ollies



Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Step 2: Mini Pipe.

Drop in and focus on developing balance, flexion, extension and control while sliding. Get ready to try your skills at:

  • Dropping In
  • Stopping
  • Gliding
  • Turning
  • Traversing
  • Riding Switch

Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Step 3: Pump Track

Gentle rollers with banked turns to help you gain confidence in going downhill:

  • Pumping
  • Steering
  • Pressure & Edging
  • Confidence with speed
  • Flow
  • Stopping

Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Step 4: Banked Turn.

Journey down mellow banks that assist you in linking your first turns.

  • Direction Change
  • Speed
  • Control

Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Step 5: Perfect Slope.

Now you’re in control. Try all your new skills on a slope that’s groomed for ease of sliding. These skills include:

  • Direction Change
  • Traversing
  • Linked Turns
  • Flow
  • Stopping


Wrap Up.

Our instructors will provide you with individual feedback and outline a training plan that details the skills you most need to practice. This will help you hone your skiing and snowboarding technique and focus your improvement to reach your goals.









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