Mountain StatS

Vertical Rise 800 Feet
Skiable Acreage 166 Acres
Snowmaking 100% Coverage On All Trails

39 Total, 38 Are Lighted For Night Skiing

39% Easier
26% More Difficult
26% Most Difficult
9% Extremely Difficult


16 Total

2 Hi-Speed Detachable Quad Chairlifts
3 Triple Chairflits
5 Double Chairlifts
4 Magic Carpet Lifts
2 Tubing Magic Carpet Lifts



100% Chance Of Snow!

Camelback is one of the only ski resorts to offer 100% snowmaking on all 166 acres of terrain! Our 1200 plus snowmaking guns have enough production capacity to cover 2 acres, with one foot of snow in one hour. That's like covering the George Washington Bridge with 1 foot of snow in 24 hours.